5 Types Of Friends That Will keep You Broke

When it comes to wealth, hanging around like minded people and friends are essential. It is said that we are the sum of the five people we hang around the most. Take a look around at your friends. Are they rich? Are they poor? Do they think big? This question might be an eyeopener for you. When you see others pursing big goals and dreams, it makes you want to do the same thing. When you see people always thinking small and doing small things, it makes you do the same thing. This exercise will help give insight on to which friends should be fired. As well as an understanding on which type of friends are best to hang around.

Here are

5 Types of friends that will keep you broke.


1. The pessimist

The pessimist is someone who always sees the glass half empty rather than half full. Ever got exited about something big you wanted to accomplish around a pessimist? You might have notice that they didn’t believe your dreams were really possible. But in an undercover kinda way. They probably told you how others have tried to achieve the same thing and failed. Or said something like, “That’s like impossible for someone your age to do”.  Or something like, “That’s already been tried and what makes you think you’re better than us”?

You’ll find that pessimist always have a negative outlook on things. Just try to remember it’s not because of you. But rather, it’s because of what they believe about their own dreams. Stay far away from pessimist less you loose your fire!


2. The Realist

The realist is someone who doesn’t believe in any form of over achievement. Just before we graduate high school our parents are great examples of the realist. When we were kids, say around 8 years old, our parents made us feel good about the dream of going to the moon. But as we got older, they told us be more realistic in life so that we don’t get disappointed. Realist are more afraid of disappointment than they are of success. Realist don’t take risk so therefore, they don’t go very far.

Be very careful around the realist. They are very contagious. They may make you feel that you’re aiming too far and perhaps you should set you goals on something more achievable. You could easily fall for this trick. Instead, find friends that think big. Their energy alone will give you the courage to try big things! And break up with the realist please!


3 The Dependent friend.

Do you have friends that just seem like they’re children? By children I mean, constantly depending upon you for everything. They need your opinion about everything. They expect that you will settle the bill for lunch without even asking. They believe that everything will be fine just as long as you take care of it.

The dependent friend will drain all of your energy and will power if you let them. Especially if you’re a generous type of person. The dependent friend provides no value in the relationship and therefore should be fired. Instead, put yourself around people that you can learn from and that are helpful. Figuring out the game of life is hard enough and the last thing you need is to be dragging a child around!


4 The distracting friend

Ever noticed that every time you wanna talk about dreams and goals, some friends just don’t wanna hear it?  Have you noticed how they’d rather talk about Kim Kardashian or the latest reality tv drama? Talking about your goals and dreams are one of the most important steps to becoming successful. The distracted friend will pull you away from that mindset and onto a poor persons mindset. A mindset of only entertainment and constant distractions from your purpose.

The distracted friend isn’t truly thinking about success even if they deny it. Truth is, they aren’t interested in chasing big goals and dreams. If they were, they’d be excited to talk about it. These type of friends don’t give you an outlet to express excitement about your future and are therefore, you should hang around them less and less. Don’t unfriend them as they could still be good people. It’s just that you need the energy of likeminded people in order to overcome doubt and renew your will power. That’s all I’m saying.


5. The friend who can’t be happy for you.

This type of friend is closely related to the pessimist friend. You’ve accomplished something great and they simply want the subject to be over with. They hate it when you’re excited about your achievements and look for the striking moment to change the subject.

They wanna change the subject away from the fact that you’ve landed your dream job. They want to change the subject away from the fact that you’ve done something and accomplished something no one else has. These type of friends could very well be the worst type of friends. You should celebrate your own friend’s success and therefore it’s ok to expect praise for those who call themselves real friends.


The friends we choose have an enormous affect on the person we will become. They have the power to kill our dreams or they could make us want to achieve our dreams. Without noticing, the people we hang around are constantly sending signals to our subconscious mind as to what kind of person we should be.

Look instead to surround yourself by dream chasers and big thinkers. These type of friends will keep us pushing hard for our goals. These friends will keep us on our toes and competitive. They’re energy multiplied buy our own energy will create synergy and what is know as “The Master Mind”. The accountability these type of people give you will only make you stronger and make you better. Additionally, these friends are key to your development in life. Always remember:

Think Big, Dream Big, Take risks, and hang around likeminded friends!

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