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When you’re searching for work from home job opportunities, it pays to browse many different job boards! I have found some real gems this way although I admit it can become tedious digging through tons of results. However, I personally use many different sites for sourcing leads when I’m searching for things to add to my work at home job leads board.

Four Things to Keep In Mind Before You Start Searching For Home-Based Jobs

#1 – Not all job search sites are going to give you the same results, which is why it’s good to bookmark several different ones.

#2 – Not everything listed on these job search sites is legitimate. The usual rules apply — do your research and watch out for work from home job opportunities that seem suspicious or too good to be true.

#3 – Using good keywords will help you narrow things down. When searching work at home, type in things like “telecommute,” “remote,” or “work at home.” You can also narrow your results down further by typing in “freelance writing/writer,” “mystery shopping,” etc. based on the exact type of job you need, or even filter things by location.

#4 – On the sites that let you post your resume online, be careful and only publish the bare minimum. I’ve never actually done this with my resume so I’m not sure how it really works, but I would think it’s not a good idea to have your address, phone, or other very personal information floating around for just anyone to access.

#5 – And on the subject of scams, if you receive an email from a company that wants to interview you via Google hangouts or Yahoo! Messenger, tells you about this too-good-to-be-true job, and then wants to mail you a check or send you money to deposit for “office supplies,” run away! You are being ripped off. The check turns out to be fraudulent and you’re the one who will pay the price for it.

Where To Look For Work From Home Job Opportunities

1. Indeed.com – Indeed is like the Google of job search sites. Their data comes from several different sources and they have great options for sorting and searching jobs.

2. Flex Jobs – This is a “pay to access” site, but it’s well worth the $15 monthly fee. I signed up a few years ago and still pay for it. I was very impressed with not only the quality of leads (updated five days a week), but also the organization of the site and the fact everything really is scam-free. Also, FlexJobs focuses on work at home and flexible jobs, so you’re not browsing through as many things that aren’t a fit.

If you only want to try it for one month, you can set things up in your account settings so your membership does not auto-renew once your first month runs out.

3. Ad Hunt’r – This was formerly known as “All of Craigs”. It’s basically a search tool to help you search all the Craigslist results across multiple cities. This simplifies things because you don’t have to go to each specific city and type in your keywords. This one has been a lifesaver for me because you can often find great work at home job postings on Craigslist.

4. Career Builder – Another good one to use for searching work from home job opportunities. Very simple set up, not a lot of fuss or ads. Even though there are now many other popular job boards, several companies still post exclusively with Career Builder. For example, Write Score, a work at home scoring company, only uses Career Builder for posting their leads publicly.

5. Beyond – This is a very well-known, reputable job search site that has been around for a while. You can also create a portfolio there to help potential employers find you.

6. Job.com – Another established job search site with good results filtering. It’s also possible to post your resume publicly here, but again, use caution when doing this.

7. SnagaJob – I’ve known about this one for a few years. You can either browse jobs directly (link at top of page), or register and create a “career profile” for employers. You can also sign up for email alerts when jobs are available in your area.

8. Dice.com – Great for finding work at home “tech” jobs. Very clean, simple layout.

9. Zip Recruiter – One of the “top dogs” of job boards. I’ve found many good leads there in the past.

10. Monster.com – One of the most well-known job boards, Monster is worth checking. Many employers go there first when trying to find places to post openings.

Bonus! Popular Blogs Sharing Work at Home Job Leads

In addition to those job search boards, I also recommend finding leads on some popular, reputable work at home blogs. Here are some of my favorites (as well as my own).

1. Real Ways to Earn job board – I add leads here 4-5 days per week and I’m extremely careful about what I add. I try very hard to make sure I include leads that are open to, and will appeal to, many people.

2. The Work at Home Wife – New leads added weekly from Angie at The Work at Home Wife.

3. Work at Home Mom Revolution – A huge work at home job board plus highlighted leads on the main blog almost each day of the week.

4. The Work at Home Woman – A “Now Hiring” board with new leads added many days per week. Legit, reputable companies are featured.

5. Rat Race Rebellion – An old, reputable site that has been posting job leads for as long as I’ve been interested in working at home. They are extremely consistent and post legitimate opportunities.

So there you have it! Now it’s your turn. What job search sites do you use to find different work from home job opportunities?

Let us know!

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