How I Went From Broke To A Millionaire In Less Than Two Years

This is a real life story that I believe touches the imagination. It is an example of what can be done in the real world by real people. Here is the story.


How I went from Broke To a Millionaire in Less Than Two Years

The Story of Christopher Russell Collins


Winners do not do different things, they do things differently. – Shiv Khera


In your lifetime you meet some people who accept everything that fate brings to them. You will also find some people who make their luck. This is the story of Chris Collins who created his fate and – who became a millionaire from being broke.

In his YouTube channel, he told us that his only purpose of sharing his story is to have people realize that everyone can change their lives and do amazing things. All they need is a strong desire. If they are motivated – no matter where you are now, and no matter your current financial state.

Know Thyself” :


“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom . . . The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates.


Thousands of years ago Socrates told about the importance of realising yourself. Chris Collins also said the same thing. He believed that your realisation about you would let you do everything that you want:

“You can do amazing things as long as believe in yourself.” – Chris Collins


Before jumping to his success story, let’s have a look at his background, his education, his home, his family and the person for whom he changed his entire lifestyle. Chris holds the view that knowing about his past life will help you to understand the necessity of realisation and determination.


“I would be a Millionaire.”

 This is the thing that Chris remembered from his childhood. Some of you may think that Chris got all his money from his father or got a lottery and became a millionaire overnight. But, this is not the case.

Chris lived in the Salt Lake City, Utah. His father killed himself when he was just two years old. You know about the myths of our society. He was not allowed to go and play to the house of his friends as he was not a Mormon. As a child, he did not understand what religion, who are Mormons. So, his mother decided to shift the place, and they came to Boston:


“ We moved back and forth between Boston and Utah until I finally graduated from High School in 2000.”

He passed every summer with his grandmother. At the age of sixteen, his grandmother who was his best friend passed away because of cancer. That was one of the heart-breaking events for his entire family. He became an alcoholic and lived in the “world of darkness and depression”.  However, he realised that his grandmother would not be happy if she were alive. So, he decided to join the air force. He started his basic training in July 2001. He was honourably discharged in January 2007 and planned to start his own car business.


“ If you do not have a plan, you cannot build a future.

There is no such thing as “lucky.”



After returning from the military service, he planned to open a shop. But, UNFORTUNATELY, he found that someone did terrible crimes (not singular “crime”, such as drug trafficking, assaulting a police officer, vandalism, domestic violence, check fraud, etc.) using the social security number that hinders him from starting his business.

Success doesn’t mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle. – Edwin C. Bliss


“Getting knocked on your ass is a factual guarantee on your journey to success.” – Chris Collins

Let’s Go back to the Salt City, Utah where a “little piece of my family lives”:

After finding the bitter truth, Chris decided to back to the Salt City. He along with his brother Johny drove for forty-three hours and reached to the Salt Lake. At that time, they had only two gas cards and $100 cash.

They came to their old home. The home had no heater, no hot water, and no electricity. He started working as a “lease advisor.” However, he realised that he did not deserve this, rather he deserves more. In his words:


“At this point, we had a roof over our heads but I know immediately that we needed to get out of there.”

According to Chris, the realisation is the crucial thing that you will achieve success. You have to believe that you deserve whatever you want.

“How bad do you want to change? Focus on all the dreams you once set aside, or gave up on.

Close your eyes right now and please just listen. . . If you do not make time in your life for success, you will never be able to achieve it.”


Moved to Boston again:

After realising that he deserves more, he leaves his old house and again shifted to Boston. There he attended a seminar, and after finishing the workshop, he was determined that he will do something better.

“ I decided to stop working for others and starting working for myself.”

He quit his lease advisor job and became a “Tattoo Artist”. But unfortunately, he failed and came to a conclusion that

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter how passionate you are and how excited you are in life. I was getting robbed from my employees . . . I had unexpected bills.”

To get rid of bankruptcy, he decided to shift in Nashville Tennessee with his girlfriend who returned to Boston after two days.  At that time, he had only $ 47 and no car. He went from here to there, begged for a job and finally found a job in one of the best tattoo shops in that area “ICON TATTOO”. He felt that it was the vital time in his life. He learned about people.

Again Salt Lake:

He again decided to move to Salt Lake and drove for 22 hours. But this time, he moved with a firm determination:

“This time I just somehow know that this was my last move. I believed that this was exactly where I needed to be in my life. And I was right.”




The Angel –  the Touchstone of his life:


The real realisation occurred in August 2013 when he came to know that he would become a “daddy”. He realised that if he wants to give a better childhood unlike him for his daughter, he needs to work fast. His only goal and aim were to be a great father:

“My goal was to ready for my daughter.”

According to him, the final realisation came in May 2014, after one month of his daughter’s birth. His life-partner gave him an ultimatum to do something better for his family.


“I would do whatever it took to build my daughter’s future. I would do whatever it took, I would sacrifice anything I needed to get to a life where I never missed one opportunity to watch my daughter grow.”


He left the house and went to his friend’s house. There he lived for three months. He faced rumours and many challenges. But he decided it is better to sacrifice temporary for the good future. He worked hard, worked 24/7 and now he spent every single day with his child. He sees how his daughter is growing up. He built an enchanted Disney like room for his daughter where he felt peace. In his words:

“ ( when he was in his friend’s house after leaving his daughter) At this point the ONLY thing in my life that mattered was my daughter’s future. For the next 11 months I worked and built her empire 24/7. I looked at her pictures and cried myself to sleep every single night, but I remained focused and committed. I gave every day 100% until my goal was complete. .  . What is it to sacrifice everything to gain a lifetime of not missing a single memory with my daughter? . . . For me , it was worth every single heart-breaking moment.”


Success comes from realization that you deserve first and foremost – Chris Collins:


This is the story of Chris Collins. An example of how he changed his entire life by believing in himself. He knew one thing – that he deserves the better life. He believed in his vision. He was determined. He worked hard. He never gave up. And that my friend, is the secret of his success.

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