5 Books That Will Make You Rich


Having read more than fifty books in the last 2 years, there are five books I believe are essential in

creating a life filled with richness and wealth. Studies have shown that up to 90% of rich people read at least 2 self improvement or wealth generating books each month.

This is a common habit of the elite. Self education and investing in one’s own development has been a hallmark of the success of the wealth.

This keeps them at the top 1% year after year. All the while, the poor and middle class spend countless hours consuming mostly entertainment and watching reality TV

Here are 5 essential books you should read if you want to be rich.

1. Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is an author who came up during the years of the American great depression. He was an advisor to president Franklin D Roosevelt.

After spending time interviewing and working with 500 of the richest and most powerful people in America, he published the book “Think and Grow Rich”, A book that turned out to be one of the best selling books of all time.

The wealthy people of today still refer to his book of wealth lessons that transcends time. The book includes essential lessons on how richness comes form the mind. One notable lesson is that “Thoughts are Things”.

It also covers subjects like “The Master Mind”, how working together creates energy as long as there are two or more people with the same mindset.

These collective minds will create a new mind called “the master mind”. The book has since been converted to many languages as well as an audio book.

This is a must read if you want to discover the real steps to getting rich. But more importantly, discovering the secret mindset of the successful and the elite.

2. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Robert Kiyosaki

Author and business owner Robert Kiyosaki publish the book Rich Dad Poor Dad back in 1997. The book gained so much attention that even Oprah Winfrey invited him on to her show to talk about the book. As you probably the know by now that the book took off and was a New York Time’s best seller for like years!

Rich dad poor dad is a book that talks about how Robert grew up with a rich dad and a poor dad. His poor dad valued education and believe that Robert should go to school, get good grades, and find a safe and secure job. These values are values of the poor Robert explained in his book.

His rich dad taught him a different way. The first lesson from his rich dad was that the rich don’t work for money. The rich have money work for them. Additionally, his rich dad taught him the difference between an asset and a liability. And that the rich work to acquire assets while the poor and middle class continue to create more liabilities.

Liabilities = Car note, house note, credit card, boat. Anything that takes money from your pocket each month.

Assets = Paper assets like stocks and bonds, real estate income, intellectual properties. Basically anything that puts money in your pocket each month.

I have since read this book 4 times and it still teaches me something new about money every time I read it!

3. “How Rich People Think” –
Steven Siebold

This book has the power to completely change the way you think. Every chapter is short, no more than two pages most of the time. He brilliantly compares the differences between the poor and middle class way of thinking and with the way rich people think on many subjects.

This book was an eye opener for me because I was completely thinking like a poor man, and Steven Siebold proved it to me. At the end of each chapter he puts actions steps to help convert your way of thinking. Brilliant!

“How Rich People Think” is a must read!

4. I Will Teach You To Be Rich” – Ramit Sethi

This book has an excellent contemporary feel to it. He certainly wrote this book with the millennials in mind! The book covers some of the basics: Saving, investing, and spending. But he adds a twist that would literally make you rich if you follow his steps. Sadly most people won’t follow through. But it’s a certain plan and it’s very logical.

It is centered around 4 main principles: Banking, Saving, Budgeting, and Investing. I wish it was a requirement for students to read this book before graduating high school. It would really set them up for success.

“I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

5.The Richest Man In Babylon”
George Clayson.

“The Richest Man In Babylon” has officially been branded as the bible of financial freedom! Believe it or not this book talks about money principles from thousands of years ago. The lost city of Babylon was prosperous and George takes us on a carpet ride to the past to show us that those same old principals, from thousands of years ago are still relevant today.

But the book goes farther than that. It teaches you ideas even a fifth grader could understand on how to build wealth. Two of the principals that stuck with me are:

“Start Thy Purse To Fattening”. In English that would be: Pay yourself first: This principle is also advised by Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad. The idea is simple. Before you pay any of your “liabilities”, put money aside for saving and investing. From this you will see your nest egg grow into a large tree that will protect you from any storm.

“Make Thy Gold Multiply”. Translated to: Your wealth should go farther than your income. Income could be a job. Your money should multiply by money itself and not just by time spent at a job.


These are the readings that really made a difference in my life. They have been advised by some of the richest people in the world today. If you were to complete these 5 essential books I could guarantee that you life will change and you will be a completely different thinker. You will soon be well on your way to becoming rich. There isn’t any specific order you need to read these books. Just read’em!

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