Top Five Tips on How to Earn an Extra $500 a Month

Top Five Tips on How to Earn an Extra $500 a Month

What does one do with an additional $500 each month? I, in my humble opinion, will save 50% ($250), step out to dine a few extra times per month ( $100), and put the remaining amount ($150) towards debt.

Here are top 5 ways you can earn an additional $500 in a month. Combine them all for an extra $ 2,500!



Making surveys, along with utilizing money-saving tools (below), will earn you an additional $500 a month put together! Companies pay you not just to do surveys, but also check emails, watch video clips and more. I prefer taking them when I’m watching TV rather than scrolling mindlessly through social media.

My favourite survey companies are:

o    American Consumer Opinion

o    Swagbucks

o    Opinion Outpost

o    Pinecone Research <- each $3/survey!

Obtain points with all of these ONLY for opting in! Incredibly easy and very fun!!


I recommend you sign up for them all to boost your earnings every month!

Money-saving tools (plus earn $20 right NOW!)

Two othe tools I use to earn money are Ebates and Ibotta. With Ebates, you receive cash back for business-related expenses online. If you shop online once per month, Ebates is a MUST!!! The bucks increase fast, and you’ll gain a $10 gift card for signing up!



Ibotta is an amazing app in which you check in your voucher once you shop and earn cash back! You can make use of it at Walmart, Target, any grocery store, and more. I normally get $3-$5 back per shopping tour. It only requires just a minute to scan in your receipt and you can make extra cash each and every period you shop! Register and earn $10 swiftly!


I used to freelance on a regular basis and would personally make between $25/article to $600+/article. A standard to minimal rate is $50/article, which is what first-timers may attempt to earn.

For individuals who write 10 each month ( just 2-3 a week), you could make an additional $500. One $50 article can normally be written in about an hour, which means one can work a few hours on a Saturday morning and knock them all out or break it up and work for one hour, three nights in a week. Easy peasy.

To take the first step on freelancing, check out my best tips for beginning freelance writers.

Not keen on writing? How about working as a virtual assistant? Virtual assistants carry out a number of projects for bloggers and business owners, such as replying to emails, drafting blog posts, creating pictures, arranging posts on social media, etc.

The average VA (virtual assistant) earns $35-$ 50/hour!

If you wish to start out as a virtual assistant and make a career out of this side hustle, I strongly recommend 30 Days of Less to Virtual Assistant Success. In the course, you will understand precisely what it takes to be a VA, how to get clients, how to charge higher, how to expand your business, and many more! The price would gradually increase next year so act now!


Blogging is the best way to easily make money online! Last month I made over $2,000 and spent  10 hours on my blog. It takes time to build and expand, thus, don’t count on making $500 on your first month.

Here’s my FREE guide on how to set up a blog in three simple steps! >>

You can certainly earn $500 monthly within few months of blogging!


There are basically two simple methods to achieve that: Place ADS on your website (Google Adsense is perfect for a beginner!) and write a sponsored post. A sponsored post is when a company pays you to write a review of their product/service or talk about their brand name within your post.

I have firms emailing me with regards to sponsored posts, but you could also email them! You can even sign up with companies which will connect you to sponsorship possibilities. Look into Massive Sway, Clever Girls, and Linqia.

I strongly recommend starting your blog via Bluehost. Through my link, you’ll get a substantial discount at just $2 .95/month.


A Pinterest virtual assistant is someone that assist bloggers and business owners supervise their Pinterest accounts. The thing is, Pinterest is a search engine (like Google), not simply a social media platform. Bloggers who make use of Pinterest properly can get tens of thousands of page views every month.

But, a lot of bloggers as well as business owners are unaware of Pinterest or have no desire/time to exploit the platform effectively.

That’s the place you come in.

Master Pinterest, promote your services and create your own done-at-home business that pays incredibly well ( average $35-$50/hour).

If you’re not a Pinterest pro, you have two options:


  1. Start your own blog and teach yourself how to use Pinterest. This is an outstanding option as, probably, your blog will end up making profits, also! Two tools I would recommend for mastering Pinterest are Tailwind (a scheduling tool so you don’t have to manually pin for several hours per day) and Pinterest Presence. Pinterest Presence is a course that will educate you literally all you need to learn about Pinterest. It is updated constantly, then after you buy the course you get updates for life totally free!
  2. Enrol in Become a Pinterest VA Today! If you don’t intend to learn Pinterest by creating your own blog, you definitely need to enrol in becoming a Pinterest VA Today! This course will show you just how to get started with your very own Pinterest VA business – starting from mastering the platform, getting clients, expanding your business, the amount to charge, and more. The course is usually accessible a few times (April 2018 is the next enrollment!), so hop on the waitlist here so you don’t miss out!

Are you aware you can earn $1000-$2000 a month in just a few hours per week by running Facebook ads for bloggers as well as business owners?

This is a brand new, up-and-coming side hustle and this is the time to take full advantage of it. If you don’t understand how to basically set up, run and manage Facebook ads, check out this Facebook Ads Course. The course is starting later this week, so now is your opportunity to hop on the waitlist.

The course is a great investment, and you will undeniably make your money back and more. If you decide to change a career now, you’d certainly need to go back to college, or at the very least take a course and get certified. Running an online business is no different. You NEED to be educated in order to achieve success.

The Facebook Ads Course will explain to you exactly how to establish ads for clients, run them and manage them. This will also explain to you how to source for clients and the amount to charge. The course was opened up a few months ago for the very first time, and many students are making $3000-$4000 a month by running Facebook ads for businesses! Insane, right?! This isn’t just a “side hustle,” but can genuinely replace your full-time earnings when you work hard and put in the time!


Lastly, why not aspire to save $500 a month? The best method to save $500 is to lessen your monthly expenses.

Do you have student loans or credit card debt? If you do, you can refinance them through SoFi at a lesser rate and with easier terms. Based on your loan amount and also current interest rate, you can conveniently knock hundreds of dollars off of your existing payment.


And, if you get authorized for a refinance through SoFi, you’ll get a $100 bonus!

Other ways to save $500 a month include :

o    Cut cable ( ~$100/month )

o    Reduce grocery costs by $25/week ( ~$100/month )

o    Adjust your thermostat ( ~$75/month )

o    Meal plan every week ( ~$50/month )

o    Exercise at home rather than the fitness centre ( ~$75/month )

o    Refinance your mortgage to a lower rate

o    Have a “no-spend” month ( ~$200/month )

o    Do an at-home date night in preference to a sitter and going out ( ~$100/month )

Ensure that you enrol in my newsletter for tons of tips on making additional money online!

What ideas do you have to earn or save an extra $500 a month? Share in the comments!

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