7 Reasons Why You Should Skip College

And it has nothing to do with being bored out of your mind! Now, don’t get me wrong, college can turn out good for some people, but it’s definitely NOT for everyone! Take my friend, and won’t use her name, who graduated top of her class with a master’s degree. Fast forward 3 years: After…

9 Reasons you should become a millionaire

Have you ever considering trying your luck at becoming a millionaire? It’s an intriguing question to say the least. Most people would love to be a millionaire, but it’s a destination all too many believe is reserved only for a select few. Well,,I’m here to tell that that assertion couldn’t be farther from the truth!…

5 Books That Will Make You Rich

5 BOOKS THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH Having read more than fifty books in the last 2 years, there are five books I believe are essential in creating a life filled with richness and wealth. Studies have shown that up to 90% of rich people read at least 2 self improvement or wealth generating books…

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