Guide to Brokers, Brokerage Accounts, and Broker Firms

The New Investor’s Complete Guide to Brokers

How to Get Started with Brokers, Brokerage Accounts, and Brokerage Firms

The broker and brokerage firm are the two primary relationships you will have when you begin your journey to investing, whether it’s a stock broker, commodities broker, future broker, bond broker, or an all purpose brokerage firm. This broker guide for new investors explains some of the things you need to look for when selecting a brokerage firm, fees to avoid, an explanation of asset management accounts, how to read your brokerage account statements and trade confirmations, and more. It’s part of our guide to investing in stocks.

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       How Do I Choose a Stock Broker or Brokerage Account?

      Choosing a Broker and Brokerage Account

      Now that you know the basics of how brokerage accounts work and why trade confirmations are important, it’s time for you to set out to find your own, personal stock broker. There are two types of stock brokers in the world – full-service stock brokers and discount stock brokers. They each have pros and cons. How do you know which one is right for you? Here are some things to consider…

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